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RUNNR sale starting August 15, 2014. Continue reading

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Dream Marathon Journey: First Bull Circle

Last night was the start of my Dream Marathon journey. I was hesitant to go at first because of the schedule, location, because I’m not feeling well, workload in the office. But because I really want this, I’ve decided to … Continue reading

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Indian Run

A very tiring drill for me. This not only improves your speed but your stamina and endurance as well. Definition: An indian run is when a team jogs in a single file line around a playing field field. It begins … Continue reading

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How it started

    It started with one goal…to lose weight. I have tried a couple of diets, gym, etc. last 2009. Come 2010, I really decided to trim down the weight. From 2009, as far as I can remember, I was … Continue reading

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