try it guys!

Nearly 2 weeks ago, I joined a promo of having a self-hosted blogsite.  Click HERE for the full story.

Yesterday, I received an email and was granted a year’s free domain!!! 🙂   Though I was expecting it to be a DOT COM, unfortunately RUNNINGENTHUSIAST.COM is already taken but last time I checked that site is for sale.  So I settled for DOT NET.  Now my site is known to be RUNNINGENTHUSIAST.NET. 🙂

I’m done with transferring all my articles  but again the dilemma is transferring all my blog links and subscriptions.  I hope there is an automated way to make it faster and easier.

I would like to thank every one who have supported and believed.  Same also goes to WPWebHost.  You guys are real!  🙂 Hope to see you still on my new site.  The new site still looks and feels the same but this time bigger, better, bolder!  Expect new twists and tastes in articles.  I’m not just going to write about myself on running, but also anything that is happening around me as a runner, an employee, and day to day activities of a normal guy.  As it is a Sports and Lifestyle site.  Wishes do come true!  RunningEnthusiast.Net was indeed born before the year ended.

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