Second Quezon City International Marathon

Only 9 days left ’til the Second Quezon City International Marathon (QCIM).  I will run my second Pikermi and a chance to revisit the City where I originally came from.

Quezon City (QC) brings a lot of childhood memories.  We live somewhere in Quezon Avenue and Santo Domingo Church is just a street away.  Spent my preschool days in Angelicum College (School then) which is adjacent to the church.  Everytime there is a special Eucharistic celebration, students from Angelicum use a “secret” passage that leads directly to the church even without going out of the gates.  Well…that wasn’t a secret passage.  I just coined it as such. 🙂  Since school is just a street away, me and my cousin can leave our home 15 mins before the flag ceremony.  On one fateful day, as we were crossing the street, my plastic lunchbox’s latch got loose and all my food were all over Quezon Avenue and jeepneys are fast approaching!!!  Thanks to the driver who was kind enough to stop and patiently waited for my cousin to pick everything.  Remembering it always make me smile and laugh.

We live in a compound, so me and my two other friends play freely around the lawn without our parents being worried about us being hit by a vehicle.  We enjoyed playing under the sun and pretend that we’re pirates looking for a lost treasure; we love sneaking out of our houses/rooms at night to play with flashlights ala lightsaber (Star Wars inspired).  We did all the kid stuff that you can think of.  Our parents on the other hand always dress us up with the same shirt like we’re triplets.  We have a picture wearing a shirt with Ghostbusters print in front. lol! 🙂

On a personal note, I always relate QC to one memory of my dad.  I can vividly remember the way he would carry me, and let me sit on his shoulders and roam around the compound.  That memory always reminds me how safe I was whenever he’s carrying me and the feeling that I’m taller than anybody else.

I also remember one mall in QC…SM North.  That’s where we always go on weekends.  When I was 6, we do our groceries there on a Sunday and travel to Paranaque in the afternoon.  Imagine taking a bus from QC to Paranaque?!  MRT wasn’t available yet in 1986.

Does Fiesta Carnival ring a bell?  I’m one avid fan of the carnival.  My mom brings me there with my cousins.  Sadly, the carnival is no longer there.

In college, I do trips to QC for internships at St. Luke’s hospital, Philippine Orthopedic Center, and in Antipolo this time taking the MRT and traveling faster and more convenient.

Quezon City Memories

This December 5, 2010, I will re-live all these and will serve as inspiration to finish the race and making a new imprint of happy memory that will last for a lifetime.

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