Everybody’s raving about barefoot running – it’s benefits and products that simulate it.

One of the most popular nowadays is the Vibram Five Fingers which they say is the closest one yet stylish in doing barefoot.

A few weeks back, I discovered a footwear that simulates barefoot running.  They are called Huarache (wa-ra’che).  It is a flat heeled-sandal with an upper of woven leather strips.  It is actually a Mexican sandal and originally a peasant shoe.  Now, they’re being used for running and based on reviews, if you really want to experience barefoot running, then you should consider using this too.

What’s different with huarache from other products is that you can purchase the raw materials and make them yourself or you can send your foot size to this website and they can make one for you.  Currently, one of my dailymile (DM) friends from Cebu uses the said sandals.  His name is Jacob Ong.  He makes his own pair.

Here are some pictures to show how Huaraches look like and see it on Jacob Ong’s foot during Milo Elims:

here's how to measure your foot

how it looks on your feet

during the milo elims

Barefoot running has its benefits, i.e. develops a natural gait, strengthens the muscles of the foot, it may reduce injuries, learning to land on the forefoot, and improve balance and proprioception.  But some say it can also be harmful and could cause Achilles tendinitis, calf strain, and blisters because of the little cushioning and protection that it provides.

For more information about Huaraches, you may click HERE.

Thank you to Mr. Jacob Ong for allowing me to feature this on my blog and use some of his pictures.

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21 Responses to Huarache

  1. Roelle says:

    wow I’m surprised that runners here are into Huaraches as well. akala ko Vibrams pa lang. hehe.

    if you haven’t yet, I recommend you read Born To Run by Chris McDougall. It will make you want to throw away your running shoes and settle for Vibrams/Huaraches instead. Hehe.

    I’m now venturing into the minimalist shoe movement. It’s really logical: the heavier your shoe, the slower you’ll run. IMHO. 🙂

    • hmmm. that’s interesting. i will grab a copy of that book and see for myself. as of now, the closest thing that i did to simulate running barefooted is with my sanuks. hahahaha.

      • Jacob says:

        The book is a very good read Rainier. Very inspiring, when you get halfway thru the book, you’d want to just put it down and go out and run 50 kilometers! 🙂 I also got the huarache inspiration from that book..

  2. CaloyB says:

    you are right in pointing out that minimalist and barefoot running has its benefits and also a downside. i have moved towards using more minimalist running shoes, using racing flats with close-to-the-ground features both for training and racing. for one, my feet and legs don’t feel as tired and i find myself running more efficiently. most of the materials i read say the same thing though – it is probably not for everyone. much still depends on individual foot structure and biomechanics.

    • “it is probably not for everyone. much still depends on individual foot structure and biomechanics.” – I totally agree with you CaloyB. One of my biggest questions would be: How will it affect/impact a flatfooted runner like me?

      • Jacob says:

        Some say being flat-footed will take more time to transition to barefoot/minimalist. It may be true but whether flatfooted or high-arched, transitioning to minimalist should be done slowly and gradually.
        Barefoot running is definitely not for everybody contrary to what other barefoot running groups claim. It can be explored by everyone but should not be treated as the cure-all or the ultimate goal in running.
        My 2 cents.

  3. richard v. manila says:

    wow legs no. 2401!! i love you!!
    the fakigol group of cebu!

  4. malen says:

    it looks cute and cool pero diba mahirap tumakbo?

  5. malen says:

    it look cute and cool..but can u really run pag suot mo yan?

    • Hey Malen,

      Folks from Cebu have been using Huaraches and Jacob Ong finished the Milo elims using these. Like what Roelle mentioned, it’s a question of does it fit you, your foot structure and biomechanics.

      Thanks for taking time to read my article/blog. Visit more often, okay?

    • Jacob says:

      Malen, thanks for the “cute and cool” and yes you can run in them. It takes very little time to get used to. If you got it right and tied correctly, then it should be very comfortable. That is, if you like to run almost barefoot.

  6. Marc V says:

    I had ITBS 2 weeks ago from an LSD. Was so devastated and frustrated it happened to me just when I was training for my 4th half mary in 2 weeks time and the full mary in January. With nothing else to do, I listened to an audiobook of Christopher MacDougall’s Born to Run and 3 things come to mind regarding the “Running Man” theory– go minimalist, go veggie and go ultra. I ran with my slippers since then and not only was I running naturally but I am now pain-free.

  7. tigerspots says:

    hi rainier, my 1st time in your blog and its COOOOOLLLLL!!! im thinking of putting up a book exchange or library of running books FOR RUNNERS. my collection has reached some 30 (yes, i have born to run, the bookbound pa which came ahead of teh cheaper paperbound, karnazes, amby burfoots & other runners world books….) and much as they are my most -prized possessions (haha), the only way they can remain forever is TO SHARE THEM WITH PEOPLE LIKE ME. i dont like to make money out of this but there must be a way to organize this service so that books are returned appropriately (so that others may borrow in the future?) Can u pls help me think through this???? – (tiger)spots….

    • hey! i’m surprised! 😀 sige I can help you out on that part. we can ask some bloggers here who knows how to manage a project like yours. good idea yan ha. at least all runners and soon to be runners get educated. thanks for visiting my site. sa uulitin.

  8. parang sa taruhumara lang, galing naman at siya pa gumawa. nice content huh… share ko lang sa page.

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  10. I agree, great article. And, similar to your book idea, I wonder if we might do an exchange of reviews of barefoot running shoes such that appear here, or something, just so that other runners might virtually test them out before purchasing a pair. I know that online reviews regarding minimalist shoes get quite a bit of hits. This site is great for its philosophy of ‘how you finish’ being better than simply winning. Well done!

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