The Million-Hectare Challenge

I received this invite from Haribon Foundation and they are organizing a run and pledges to save 1M hectares of Philippine rain forest. Below are the details:


The Million Hectare Challenge 2010 (MHC2010) is a pledge run that aims to raise awareness and funds for the Rainforestation Organizations and Advocates to 2020 (ROAD to 2020), an environmental conservation movement to restore one million hectares of our rainforests using native tree species by year 2020. Now on its fourth year, the MHC2010 has both a competitive and a non-competitive component that will be held on Sunday, November 21, 2010 at McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. Pledge walkers and runners may choose to accept the challenge of completing up to 10 kilometers, while racers must choose to compete in a race category, 3K, 5K or 10K. In the last three years, The Million Hectare Walk held yearly in November from? 2007 to 2009 helped us reach out to more than 1,000 individuals to raise awareness on biodiversity and forest protection through lectures, discussions and presentations. We were able to network with various sectors that enabled us to plant more than 10,000 native trees to address habitat loss and climate change.


A pledge run unites individuals or teams to a common cause. Restoration of our rainforests or the Road to 2020 campaign is a cause that Filipinos can rally towards. It aims to bring back Philippine rainforests in order to recover and conserve biodiversity, optimize our supply of forest benefits and ecosystem services such as provision of food, and non-timber forest products, clean air, clean water, reduce the risk of natural hazards and enhance options for sustainable livelihood. Armed with this common vision, participants raise money or pledges from friends, families and co-workers.

WHO ARE ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE? Anyone who wants to bring back our natural forests can be a participant. There is no age limit. Be a team leader and form a group. The more team members you have, the more people will become aware and able to take part in this conservation movement.


We have kept the registration fee low – P350.00 (children up to 12 years old and Haribon Members (on active status) and P400 (regular) to ensure the widest possible participation. There are no required pledge commitments in order to participate but everyone is encouraged to get pledges.


We need to have 3,000 registered participants this year. The more participants, the more pledges, the more money we will be able to raise. With this money, the more trees we can plant and expand our natural forests, the better for our natural forests to continue to provide ecological services not only for our benefit but even those of the next generation.


Our goal is to raise at least P3 million this year. The potentials are tremendous. A pledge by one person can be as high as Twenty Thousand Pesos (P25,000.00). Just think – if 3,000 participants can each pledge at least P1,000, we will have raised P3,000,000! Remember, this is for our environment, our future including those of our children’s and beyond. No amount is too small and every peso counts!


Pledges can be a fixed donation that is paid upon registration. Pledges can be raised from employers or friends and family by committing to attain a certain distance travelled (either through walking or running) or time completing the run. Pledges can be raised by being a volunteer during the event. Even as a volunteer you can commit to raise pledges. The key is participation! Corporate supporters can also become event partners or match employees’ donations/pledges.


No problem! You can still participate by supporting participants as you donate, pledge and collect pledges for your registered participant(s).


The suggested minimum pledge is One Hundred Pesos (P100.00) and this is equivalent to a native tree to be planted in a critical watershed area. There are no total pledge or goal minimums.

1. No amount is too small – it is the nature of pledges, that lots of small donations combine to become a big contribution. Every peso counts!

2. You can pledge yourself! Be your own donor. 2. You can recruit pledges from family, friends, teachers, neighbors, co-workers, church- mates, classmates, etc. If you have ever sponsored someone in another event, it’s time for them to return the favor.

3. It is easier to collect the donation once a pledge is made. There may be difficulty on collecting after the event.

4. We encourage the formation of informal teams for more participation.

5. If payments are in cheque, please remind them that the check be payable to Haribon Foundation.

6. Talk to your Human Resources Department about Employer Matching Gifts. See if your company will match all or a portion of your total pledges.


Download the pledge form from Haribon’s website: Upon payment of the registration fee, you will be given a unique registration number which becomes the participant identification number (PIN). Indicate the PIN in the Registration form and pledge sheet. There are two ways you can register your pledges.

1. Write down the amount of pledges you have raised by indicating payment details in the pledge sheet and submit this to Haribon together with the payment. Make sure you write down your PIN in the pledge sheet to facilitate ease in recording.

2. Your sponsors can pay directly to Haribon using various modes of payment using the sponsor’s pledge form. Don’t forget to write down your (PIN) in the sponsor’s pledge form in order for their donations to be credited to you. All pledges must be turned over to Haribon on or before December 15, 2010.


1. Complete the Registration Form, submit by fax (434-4696) or email to or drop it off at the Haribon office: 973 Aurora Boulevard, 2nd floor Santos & Sons Building, Cubao, Quezon City. Make sure you sign the waiver before submitting the form to Haribon. Upon payment of the registration fee, you will be given a confirmation letter (if payment is made via internet or mobile phone) and an official receipt if payment is made at the office. You will then be given a participant identification number (PIN) which should be copied onto the top right-hand corner of the registration and pledge forms. All donations/pledges obtained should have your PIN so that these can be attributed to you.

2. Recruit others if you want to form your own team so you can walk or run together as a group, and ask everyone in the team to register.

3. Collect pledges from family, friends, neighbors, schoolmates, workmates or church- mates, etc. Use the Pledge Form and complete the needed information.

4. Pay Registration Fees or pledges. Fees are P400.00, and P350.00 for children 12 years old and below and Haribon members on active status. Payment of Registration Fees and pledges can be made by doing any of the following:

a) Cash or Check (CC)- Pay with cash or a check made out to Haribon Foundation. Haribon Office: 2nd floor Santos and Sons Bldg., 973 Aurora Blvd., Cubao QC. Please ask for your Official Receipt; or

b) Bank Deposit (BD): Go to any BPI branch and deposit amount to Haribon’s BPI Account (Kalayaan Branch) – Peso SA 1993-0767-47. Please scan and send a copy of your deposit slip together with the registration/sponsor’s pledge form via email to or fax to 434-4696 (attn: MHC2010) Don’t forget to include your name, PIN (of host runner/walker if paying for a pledge) and the purpose of deposit- “Haribon MHC” on deposit slip;

c) (BP): if you are enrolled to the online facility, log on to their website and go to Payments & Reloading. You must first enroll Haribon Foundation (HFMEMB) as a biller and type in the Haribon account number in the reference # field (1993-0767-47) and then proceed to Bills Payment. Follow the prompts. Please make sure to email a copy of your payment confirmation to and indicate your name, PIN (of your host runner/walker, if paying for a pledge) and purpose of payment- “Haribon MHC” in your email.

d) Credit card thru PayEasy (PE) go to and click on Donate. Follow prompts. Please make sure to email a copy of the PayEasy confirmation at Do not forget to indicate your name, PIN (of your host runner/walker, if paying for a pledge) and purpose of deposit- “Haribon MHC” in your email; or,

e) Visit us: Haribon Office address- 2F Santos and Sons Bldg., # 973 Aurora Boulevard, Cubao, Quezon City from Monday to Friday from 9AM- 5PM or in designated registration outlets within MM Deadline for the submission of registration forms and payment of registration fees is on November 16, 2010. 5. All validated and verified deposits will be issued official receipts by Haribon Foundation. These may obtained on or before the day of the event. 6. After paying for the registration fee, you may claim your MHC Kit at the Haribon Office or designated pick-up points (starting October 15, 2010. Pls be ready to show your official receipt/deposit slip and confirmation email from Haribon. Kits will not be released without the required documents. You may also have a representative pick it up on your behalf together with a valid ID and Letter of Authorization. Should you fail to receive a confirmation email from Haribon after submitting proof of payment, please call our attention on this matter using the phone numbers given below.


Only corporate donations to Haribon Foundation are tax deductible. Haribon will issue certificates of donation to donating corporations requesting for it. WHERE IS THE RACE ROUTE? The Million Hectare Walk 2010 will be held at the McKinley Hill, Bonifacio Global City. There will be three race distances: 3k, 5k and 10k. See attached race route for your reference. Events will begin at these times: 5:30am 10k 5:35am 5k 5:40am 3k


The cash prizes for the race are the following: 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 10k Php6,000 Php4,000 Php2,000 5k Php4,000 Php3,000 Php1,000 3k Php1,500 Php750 Php 500 Special awards will be given on the following categories:

1) Highest amount of pledges raised by an individual

2) Highest amount of pledges raised by a team

3) Most number of members in a team

4) Largest number of members of a family registered as a team

5) Highest amount of pledges raised by a 10k runner

6) Highest amount of pledges raised by a 5k runner

7) Highest amount of pledges raised by a 3k runner

8) Oldest registered participant

9) Youngest registered participant

10) MHC runner of the day (M/F)

11) Haribon Trivia winner


Yes, marketing and reference materials are posted on our web site. You can print them and distribute them to your supporters and recruited walkers.? You may also request for posters for your companies/organizations/schools by contacting Haribon through its email or phone numbers given below.

For more details please click HERE.

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